Chester Ashton

Transportation Supervisor

Picture of Yellow school bus (cartoon style)

Picture buses from left to right: Green mini bus, Flat nosed batman bus, Yellow School bus with red cape, Red flat nosed bus moving fast. Back ground is daytime/night time city scape with a T spotlight  in the sky.

Hornet Haulers   

We currently run 6 route buses and 4 sub buses.    We also have 4 vans, and two van routes. 

2021- 22 Route buses(6) and sp. ed. vans(2) average daily mileage and average daily number of riders: 687mile, 352 riders.


DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A BUS DRIVER?  We offer almost all training at the local level here in Malvern.  Contact our transportation department for more details, if interested.  See below for our contact information.


If roads are flooded, standing water, the buses are not allowed to run on them!  

 You are not permitted to enter your child's bus!  If you must talk to the driver, remain on the ground at the open door,  or use the drivers side window!  

If your children do not attend one of the daycares, that we have cluster stops at, they are not to catch the bus at the daycare!  They must use the gazebo near the post office, the library, or the cluster stop at the old school.

FLOODED ROADS:  buses are not permitted to drive on any road that is posted high water, flooded, etc.

Students and Parents winter safety tips

1. Don’t rush. When roads and sidewalks are slippery, rushing to catch the bus or driving faster to make it to your destination can have disastrous results. Children need extra time to get to the bus stop in cold, windy, or snowy conditions. Encouraging them to leave a few minutes early and take their time can reduce the number of falls on slick pavement.

2. Bundle up. Students need to keep warm at the bus stop, but they also must still be able to see and hear what’s going on around them. When bundling up your child in the morning, make sure he or she still has an adequate line of sight and can hear traffic and other noises.  

3. Watch your step. When walking on snow covered or icy surfaces, watch where you are walking, take shorter, more deliberate steps or do the “penguin shuffle.”   
4. Get a grip. Wear footwear appropriate for conditions. Avoid footwear with slick (no-tread) soles when walking on wet surfaces, snow, or ice. 

5. Be patient. School bus drivers are trained to drive in inclement weather; however, snow and icy roads can slow down even the most experienced driver. Safety is each driver’s top priority and extra time may be needed to get from stop to stop.

6. Hold on. The seemingly simple task of getting on and off the bus can be taken for granted. Always use the handrails.

7. Be weather aware. Bad weather can lead to school cancellations, delays or early dismissals. Make sure your school has your contact information to receive alerts, and be sure to check your school website or local media when inclement weather is expected.

The Yellow Bus -- did you know?

Bus drivers in Ohio must attend 15 hours of classroom training and 20+/- hours of on the road training; then pass the CDL test. Then they must pass an annual physical, criminal background checks, and drug testing—all before they can transport a student. Then every 6 years each driver must go through a re-certification program, and again be tested on all, except the CDL.

By law, schools must transport all K-8 graders, but are not required to transport 9-12 graders or pre-schoolers (except for certain conditions).

K-8 graders may be made to walk up to ½ mile to their designated bus stop; this limit is not in effect for 9-12 graders.

The school is not required to transport students living within 2 mile of the school.

By law, students must be at their designated bus stop prior to the bus arriving. The bus doesn't have to stop at designated stops, if there are no students already there.

Parents are responsible for their childs safety to and from their designated bus stop, and while at the bus stop.

Other Important Facts

School buses keep cars off the road, decreasing both traffic congestion and fuel emissions

The safety record for school bus transportation exceeds that of all other modes of travel.

Large school buses are heavier and distribute crash forces differently than do passenger cars and light trucks.  Because of these differences, the crash forces experienced by occupants of buses are much less than that experienced by occupants of passenger cars, light trucks or vans.

Rules for the bus:

1.  The driver will assign seats.   2.  Be courteous.   3.  No profanity, loud talking or shouting.  4.  Do not eat or drink on the bus.  5.  Violence is prohibited.   6.  Remain seated.  7.  No smoking or use of any tobacco products.  8.  Keep your hands and head inside the bus.  9.  Do not destroy/damage property.  10.  For your own safety, do not distract the driver through misbehavior.  11.  Do not throw any objects on or out of the bus.

Bus routes

by bus number, driver name, streets on each route.  NOTE: Subject to changes. 
#8   Nancy Bardine:  Lake Mohawk west side around to back east side and out Lace exit, Cheyenne Tr HS only, Lace, Avalon (from Lace into town),

#4 Chester Ashton:  Library in town, Coral, Canton Rd (Dorsey's to Lemon), Sycamore, Lemon, Leopard, Lorric, Lilly,  Canton Rd south of  Bellflower, Bellflower, Bronze, Avalon to King and back to town, Lander, Bonnie and Brenda DR, and Malvern Manor is AM.and PM elem.

#6  Tim Klotz:   Alliance Rd towards Waynesburg west (HS / AM and Elem in PM), Green Acres (HS in AM), Mal Wayne, Riverview, Wilco (HS in AM), Stires Dr, Brown, Harding, Maple,  and to RG Drage.

#9 Devon Morena: Citrus (8093 and higher), Bluebird, Lavender, Latin, Lark, Rifle, Brookford, Chapel, Swift, Lardon, Largo, Alliance Rd (west), MalWayne, Riverview, Wilco, Green Acres. Cluster stops on Main St. To St.James on AM route.  

#10  Connie Guist:   Avalon / Robertsville Rd, Legend, Leisure, Blade, Liberty Church, Alliance Rd east, Leopard @ 183 only, Canton Rd north of Bellflower, Sandy Lane area, Hilltop on AM/PM route.  Tower and Lee Rds. on PM routes.

#12  Debbie Dustman:  Citrus (below #8000), Krone, Lake Mohawk east side to Cheyenne Tr on elem. run, Gazbo downtown,  Tower and Lee Rd on AM routes 

Old School cluster stop covers north of 183 from Wood's east to end of E.Main St.  705am HS and 8am Elem pickup times.

Gazebo cluster stop covers south of 183 from VRE east  to and including 3rd Street  712 and 815 pickup times.

Library cluster stop covers south of 183 from Brown Ave. east to Sandy St., and south to Robbins,Clay, and Church St. area.   705am HS and 8am. Elem. pickup times.
Snow day change for 2021-22. If our buses don't run due to road conditions, neither do our vans or RG Drage bus.

The Transportation office can be reached at 330-863-1170 ext.4000; 

updated 08/4/22