Graduation Requirements 2023 and Beyond


All students are required to earn 21 high school-level credits for graduation.

  • 4 English

  • 4 Math (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Adv Math)

  • 3 Science (Phys Sci, Biology, Advanced Sci)

  • 3 Social Studies (World, Am. History, Gov.)

  • Health

  • 0.5 PE Credit or 2 Seasons of PE Waivers

  • 2 Semesters Art grades 7 - 12 (Or Career Tech Pathway)

  • 0.5 Credit Personal Finance (New Requirement Class of 2026 and Beyond)


Handout from ODE on Grad Requirements for 2023 and Beyond

TESTING COMPONENT: Demonstrating Competency

  • Earn Competency Scores (684) in both ELA II and Algebra

  • Or Demonstrate TWO of the following Career-Focused Activities (one of the two must be a foundational activity)


  • Proficient on WebXams

  • Earn a 12 pt Industry Credential

  • Accepted into registered pre-apprenticeship / apprenticeship


  • Complete a work-based learning experience

  • Earn the required WorkKeys scores

  • Earn the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal

  • Or enlist in the military

  • Or earn CCP college credit in English or Math 

DIPLOMA SEAL COMPONENT: Demonstrating Readiness 

Students will demonstrate readiness for their post-high school paths by earning two diploma seals that allow them to demonstrate important foundational and well-rounded academic and technical knowledge, professional skills, as well as develop key social and emotional competencies and leadership and reasoning skills. Diploma Seals Handout

Students will need to earn 2 diploma seals. One MUST be a state seal:

State Seals (at least 1): Local Seals*:

OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal Community Service Seal

Industry-Recognized Credential Seal Fine and Performing Arts Seal

College-Ready Seal Student Engagement Seal

Military Enlistment Seal

Citizenship Seal

Science Seal

Honors Diploma Seal

Seal of Biliteracy

Technology Seal