If you feel your child may require special education services, you should contact Andrew Burman, Director of Special Services at 330.863.1355 ext. 1161 or by email at


Whose IDEA is This? is a great resource for parents looking to learn more about the special education process.


Special education services are designed together with an  Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Team which most often includes a parent(s), general education teacher, intervention specialist, administrator, and any other appropriate related therapy providers relevant to the student.


Special education services can be provided in many ways and in varying environments. A few of the ways students may receive services from a teacher or intervention specialist are: pull-out support, in-class support, resource room instruction, self-contained classroom, and separate facility placement.


The team also creates appropriate goals and objectives for students to achieve throughout the school year. The IEP is updated at least once a year by the team.


It is important to note that special education services are determined by the IEP team.




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