MultiPurpose Building


October 14,2018


NL Construction out of Canton was chosen as the general contractor for our new multi-purpose building.  The building will be nearly 6,000 square feet and include three areas. The first will be a weight room that’s 32’x36’.  Next to the weight room will be the locker room/utility area. On the other side of the lockers will be the large, 74’x36’ open room used for wrestling, baseball/softball, indoor recess, state testing, band practice and other activities.  A plywood ceiling and more durable light fixtures are being used to stand up to potential impacts from baseballs, softballs or other objects used during recess.


So far the foundation has been dug and poured and the first few courses of block have been set.  Fiber optic runs have been set so the building will have the fastest internet connection possible.  Maintenance Supervisor, Doug Wackerly, has set aside some portions of the project that will be done by Brown Local Staff to cut costs.  These include painting and bathroom hardware installation. Mr. Wilson, the head wrestling coach, is pricing wall padding for safety. Last year Mr. Wilson and Mr. Babiczuk were able to purchase a new wrestling mat through the generosity of an alum’s donation.  So far, no final decision has been made on weight training equipment, but a meeting will be scheduled soon.


NL Construction is hoping to have the building “under roof” by Thanksgiving and the project completion date is set for December 21st.  




November 14, 2018



There has been a fair amount of activity since the last update.  As you can see from the picture, workers have begun laying block.  With good weather it is hoped the building will be under roof in the next few weeks.  Power will be drawn from the school which will save money by not having to pull a new line from the street and not having to use a temporary power pole.   Coaches, administrators and the Athletic Booster Club have been reviewing what type of weight room equipment will best suit our students’ needs. Rubber mats have already been purchased to cover the floor to prevent injury and extend the life of barbells and weights by cushioning them if dropped.  The mats were purchased at TSC, so they were significantly less expensive than mats purchased from athletic equipment suppliers. The weight room will be purchase soon in the hope that it will be delivered in plenty of time to be set up as soon as the building is turned over to the district. We will also be looking for new tables to use in the building for large meetings and state testing.  


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